Your Friend, Your Ally, Your Realtor

Your Friend, Your Ally, Your Realtor

Your Friend, Your Ally, Your RealtorYour Friend, Your Ally, Your RealtorYour Friend, Your Ally, Your Realtor

We make real estate a breeze!


Joe McIntosh Realty's Guide to the home buying process in Greater San Diego


Why I do it?

I got out of the Navy in 2017 and thought I wanted to be a Mortgage Loan Officer. My wife has been in the mortgage industry for 20 years and when I planned out my transition out of the Military, that’s where I started. 

After being in the mortgage industry for a while, I saw that with my current circle of friends and associates, I could better serve Active Duty/Veterans from the Real Estate side of the house, rather than the lending side. With me being on the real estate side, I have the privilege to really bond, mentor, teach, serve and guide my clients. Which makes their home buying process stress free, while providing them with all the sources to make the best financial decision for them and their family. 

The Beginning

I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. My Mother was a school teacher and my Father worked for the city of Charlotte in the landscaping division. I have an older Sister, who is a Clemson grad and works in the food safety industry, in and around the Carolina’s. 

I spent much of my time as a child at my Grandparents’ home in the country. I have a large extended family, so Christmas is and always will be one of my fondest memories. I still look forward to going home to be a part of the large family gatherings!

My Family


The summer of 2007, I met my wife Christy in Ocean Beach, San Diego. We married in October of 2010 and have been blessed with two children, Isaiah and McKenzie. They are our reasons “WHY’ and the GREATEST gifts we could ever receive in life! 

Isaiah was born February 3, 2012 and diagnosed with Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH).  Isaiah taught us so much about life in his short 3 months here on Earth! 

He taught my wife and I how to have strength when we felt we had nothing left to give! He taught us to smile thru adversity! Most importantly, he taught us to SLOW DOWN because tomorrow isn’t promised! Isaiah passed May 9, 2012 due to complications from CDH. 

Five years later, God blessed us with our daughter McKenzie. She was born January 24, 2017. 

It has been an amazing journey seeing her go from a tiny being to having her own opinions! Currently one of her favorite thing to do is to blow bubbles, or anything that has to do with bubbles really. She also loves animals, so taking her to SeaWorld or the Zoo, is always a joyous experience. When her face lights up with that big beautiful smile or hearing her laugh, we know we are doing everything right! 

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